Interviewed after an awards presentation

Interviewed after an awards presentation

Comprehensive Films Inc. (CF) is an independent New York based film and video production company, that was formed in 1994, by it’s founder, Anton Evangelista. The goal of CF is to offer a personalized service in developing and producing quality filmed stories that inspire, transform and enrich lives in an entertaining way.
When you think of a movie you love, the ones that really touch you – it’s how well the story was told that makes it memorable. The depth of the characters in what they explore and learn, the conflict, and maybe a happy ending, is what makes the movie special for you.

Maybe there’s a special story you’re passionate about, that’s waiting to be told? Whether it’s an idea for a movie, a documentary, or a product to advertise, it’s a story, – and a good story is what you start with. CF gives full attention in working with you to develop your idea into production, with a package and/or services to suit your needs and budget.

CF is committed in bringing together all the elements and skilled people in working for you in creating a quality production that is unique, effective and memorable. Your project – your voice, will be given full attention to develop a package to best suit your needs and budget.


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