There’s and old saying:  television is an excuse to sell you stuff.

When you turn on your TV, you have a zillion options to choose from.  Whether it’s a movie you’re looking for, your latest reality show to pick from, or an educational station to learn from, it’s those pesky commercials that’ll always get in the way in screaming out for your attention.  And that’s the point – especially when you decide to go shopping, hoping you’ll remember to buy their product.

Directing Fleischmann's Yeast commercial

Directing Fleischmann's Yeast commercial

Now, more than ever, commercials aren’t only limited to TV.  They’re on your IPhone, YouTube, web browsers, bus shelters, highways, – basically everywhere.

According to Google and MSN research, video increases sales by 72%.

If you have a business that needs a stronger advertising message, we’re here to help.  No matter how big or small the project, Comprehensive Films is dedicated to meeting your needs in creating a successful ad campaign for your product or business.

Whether you’re considering creating a commercial, corporate video, infomercial, or powerful video testimonials to increase your sales, the most vital preliminary ingredient is planning.  Who is your target audience?  What advertising goals do want to accomplish?  How does your product distinguish itself from the competitor’s?  After these and other preliminary questions are set forth, we’ll develop concepts and creative direction in communicating your message, while also focusing on the style for the commercial, as well as timeline and budget logistics.

Everything you’ll need from initial concept to broadcast delivery will be delivered by Comprehensive Films.  Your results are our focus.


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