Day-in-the-Life Legal Video offers to fully demonstrate the daily results of a traumatic event, and what a typical day in the life of individuals or families who have suffered, due to this event. It offers attorneys a pre-trial settlement opportunity for a jury to look at a victim’s life through a mix of family interviews, expert opinions, pictures and/or home video, illustrating the extent and impact of the injuries, for a better understanding of what will be needed in the future.

These video-based documentaries establish the traumatic event of the case, showing both the causes and results, that make a difference in settlement conferences, the power of the human emotion inherent in the case is demonstrated, offering a rare “jury-eyed view” of the evidence in the courtroom, and in the amount of your award.

Not every case merits a major production. In many instances, a simple video works just as well. We will always work within your budget.

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